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Our mission is to help people regain their natural healing abilities with whole food nutrition and Oriental Medicine. We truly believe in the amazing gift of self-healing. Our desire is to guide our patients to their own path to wellness.

Allergy Treatment

We live in an age of amazing medical advances in which a body part regrown from pig tissue can replace a missing limb of a wounded veteran, or a type of cancer that was considered incurable 50 years ago is now becoming curable with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, there are many other ailments that cannot be explained or treated by the conventional western medicine, like my own.

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Patient Success Stories

“Chocolate Is a Girl’s Best Friend. But until Masako helped me by clearing my allergy to chocolate, I could never eat chocolate! Or if I did it eat, I got sick. Now when I have a lovely cup of hot chocolate in the morning, or dive into a piece of chocolate cake, I have Masako to thank. She has helped me with many health problems and allergies, but I must admit, the one that makes me the most happy is chocolate!”

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Purification & Weight Loss Program

Increase long-term patient compliance and provide convenience with Daily Fundamentals. They’re maintenance made easy!

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