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Allergy Treatment

An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of a person to certain allergic substances that may be harmless to the majority of us. Allergic substances known as allergens include foods, pollens, grasses and weeds, molds and fungi, toxins and chemicals, etc. For example, in case of seasonal allergic rhinitis called hay fever or cedar fever, a person may experience uncontrollable sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, or itchy eyes. This is due to an antigen-antibody reaction in the nasal mucosa. If the antigens are dust, house-dust mites’ fecal matter, fungal spores and animal dander.

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Patient Success Stories

“I was absolutely miserable. My stomach was in constant pain or discomfort, extremely bloated all the time and angry because I couldn’t find any relief. I was training (starving) my body to not be hungry at certain times of the day to help avoid the pain without realizing I was doing more damage than not. I had no energy and was always tired. I was self-medicating with vitamins and supplements, which helped for a few years, but it was still a constant battle. I was at the point of giving up and accepting the fact that I would live the rest of my life angry and in pain.”

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Purification & Weight Loss Program

Tired? Weight Loss Challenges? Poor Digestion?

Learn how to purify, nourish and maintain a healthy body weight just in 21 days!


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