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Welcome to My Path To Wellness!

Almost twenty years ago, I was suffering from a mysterious constant stomach pain for over two years. I went to many doctors but none of them found anything wrong with me. Then, I met one gentleman in a yoga class who happened to be an herbalist. He treated me with herbal medicine and acupuncture. My pain disappeared instantly. Although it took another 6 months for him to completely heal me, the same pain never came back to me since then. I’m healed!! So, this is how I became an acupuncturist. I wanted to learn the natural medicine like him. This is how I continued on a journey on learning about the natural healing.

We live in an age of amazing medical advances in which a body part regrown from pig tissue can replace a missing limb of a wounded veteran, or a type of cancer that was considered incurable 50 years ago is now becoming curable with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

However, there are many other ailments that cannot be explained or treated by the conventional western medicine, like my own. Side effects of pharmaceutical drugs are often very serious.

The Natural Remedies using whole foods based nutrition and acupuncture are very gentle to the body yet very effective. In the Oriental Medicinal Principle, we focus on the balance of the entire body – we never view one organ system apart from the other systems. The Mind-Body relationship is also very important. Stress levels, diet and life style are also essential aspect for the optimum health.

My job is to assist you with the Clinical Nutrition and Oriental Medicine, so that you not only tap into your own innate healing powers, but also live your life to the fullest.

Please take your time exploring my web page and enjoy.

Thank you for visiting with me!!